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We provide insightful and intuitive information to building occupants, renewables operators and energy managers

Before we were trying to meet our energy savings targets using non-real time information from five different hardware and software systems across our facilities, difficult at best. Now we have a single energy information system for tracking our energy use and savings plus it helps to link our management, sustainability and employee teams, net results: more savings and everyone is more engaged.

Ashley Taylor, Adelie Foods, UK.

envisij energyware gives you ideas, guidance and answers.

energy improvements

Have past energy improvements paid off?

identify energy saving opportunities

Where are the best opportunities for energy savings?

building energy performace

Are your buildings using energy as expected?

building energy reporting

Is your building energy use getting better or worse?

Real-time building and renewables energy data.

Easy-to-digest displays allow even non-technical people to identify trends and relationships in energy use. Graphical views of you energy use, time, cost and spaces that leaves occupants more informed.

Trend analysis - understand your energy

Easily review energy time-series data over different timescales and compare against past and predicted performance with temperature, area, occupancy overlays.

Savings - tools to help you optimise

Graphically review energy improvements and investment returns in terms of % savings of against benchmarked data.

Detect portfolio drift

Guide your ongoing efficiency improvements through a macro-view of your portfolio and easily keep an eye on recent changes in performance (for better or worse).

Multi building or load comparisons

Analyze and review multiple electricity or gas meters at the same time for easy ad-hoc reporting over any timescale.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Easily generate comprehensive reports reflecting energy usage and savings performance.

Forever stored - that's a promise

Envisij stores all of your metering data, forever. No data sets are ever deleted or trimmed — we keep your data intact.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Create rule-based events and alerts. Alerts are sent via, SMS, Emails or HTTP post notifications, enabling customers to address energy and operational inefficiencies in real time.

Interoperability and connectivity

Our open API enables integration with third-party applications and hardware such as energy meters, invertors, controllers, BMS, billing systems, smart meters and other environmental sensors.

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