Our energyware helps buildings and their energy consumers
reduce costs and carbon used.

Our mission is to help our customers become more energy efficient, constantly reduce their energy costs and maximise any investments in renewable energy sources. We do this by making it very easy for them to understand how and when they use their energy. Our road-trip also involves continually helping our customers reduce the cost and complexity of operating energy information systems.

We help you make sense of all your energy use

Before we were trying to achieve our energy savings goals using non-real time information from five different hardware and software systems across our facilities. Now we have a single energy information system for tracking our energy use and helping to link our management, sustainability and employee teams.
Ashley Taylor, Adelie Foods, UK.


Envisij provides real-time visualisation of your building(s) electricity, gas & water consumption & renewables generation in easy-to-understand analytics.


Envisij is cloud based, enabling us to constantly inform, educate & motivate building occupants in the way they consume energy.


Our software provides an easy, low cost way to make sure that your solar, heat, wind & other renewable investments are operating to their maximum ability.

What we believe in.

1. Access to clear, concise information

This is the main barrier to constantly improving energy efficiency.

2. Reducing energy should not cost the Earth

Innovative energy-metering technologies should be easy to buy & easy to deploy.

3. Standards Please

Energy software for buildings will not make sense until there is a common platform.

4. Data can help everyone

Engaging with energy use at all levels matters…. including occupants & other stakeholders.

5. Its all about you

The customer wins when energy software comes from energy software companies.

6. You own your data


Where we're going.

In the future, building technology won't run on a proprietary network. Today, individual lights, office equipment, HVAC components, and pumps are all IP addressable, which is turning building automation into a software, “internet of things” world. Envisij aspires to bring modern building technology to commercial buildings across the globe by making it accessible, low-cost and ubiquitous.

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