Our Customers

A selection of the customers who use our technology to help save on their energy costs.

  • First Great Western
  • Hyatt hotels
  • GKN
  • General Electric
  • Adelie
Aerospace Energy Monitoring

GKN Aerospace

Bristol, UK

GKN embarked on a large project to retrofit lighting in many buildings/hangers. SITE is used to inform building occupants how they are using their lighting, SITE also provides ROI reports for management reporting.

Manufacturing Energy Monitoring

GE Oil and Gas

Montrose, UK

GE wish to monitor growing site demand to ensure additional capacity can be planned for in a timely manner. SITE is providing GE Facilities teams with daily demand reports and fixed alerts for demand threshold breaches.

Hotel energy Consumption Monitoring

Hyatt Regency Hotels


Hyatt, India wish to meet corporate energy saving targets. SITE is keeping guests and facilities abreast on daily, monthly and annual energy savings. Facilities teams use SITE daily to search for HVAC set-point breaches.

Monitor Operation Energy Usage

First Great Western Railways

Bristol, UK

The client is planning to identify areas of energy waste across his site and plan for EE solutions to this waste. SITE is linked to compressors, lighting and HVAC systems to help them analyse cycle times and set point waste.

Production Line Energy Monitoring and Reduction

CCL Labels Printing

Kings Lynn, UK

CCL operate multiple printing presses & wish to provide operators with easy to use software to help them optimise the presses energy use. SITE gives them hourly cost views to help ensure they use the minimum amount of energy.

Energy Management in Food Processing Chain

Adelie Foods Food and Beverage

Milton Keynes, UK

Adelie need to comply with the new UK Government ESOS scheme whilst searching for energy saving opportunities. SITE provides Management & Facilities teams with visibility of chiller and lighting use in order to plan for EE projects.

Military Energy Usage Software

Navy Yards Commercial

Philadelphia, USA

The client has installed PV and LED Lighting across their campus and need to ensure ROI is being met plus ensuring the PV fit is operating within bounds. SITE monitors and reports on LED operation and helps identify new control measures. PV is monitored against expected generation and threshold breaches flagged to Maintenance.

Housing Association Solar Monitoring, Energy Billing

Sentinel Housing Housing Association

Basingstoke, UK

Sentinel operates a city wide PV scheme and wished to reduce FIT submission times and errors plus identify poorly/non performing PV sites to ensure rapid fault fixes. SOLAR provides Sentinel with online FIT reporting & flags poor performers to a 3rd party maintenance company for SLA rectification thus maximising revenue generation.

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