Sustainability & Energy Displays

Energy Kiosk provides better occupant engagement
and stakeholder communication

Utility Alliance
"Envisij's Energy Kiosk is an impressive tool. It’s a place where our teams can learn about everything from how we all use and invest energy efficiency to using HVAC systems."

Bob Moore, CEO Utility Alliance, a leading UK Energy Broker.

Energy Kiosk - Corporate Sustainability Display

Tell your Sustainability Story...

  • Publicly display real-time building performance data on any Internet-enabled device.

  • Encourage people and teams across your organization to collaborate around shared sustainability goals.

  • Showcase your buildings’ unique green features and technologies alongside live performance metrics.

  • Keep management informed about energy efficiency investments, new innovations in resource optimization and occupant productivity.

Host energy reduction competitions...

  • Engage occupants and foster collaboration through real-time energy and water use reduction competitions.

  • Watch competition results get tallied in real time, and keep track of cumulative year-over-year savings.

  • Encourage employees and departments to devise conservation strategies that maximize energy savings and occupant comfort.

Energy Usage Competitions

Engage With Energy

Engage your entire community...

  • Showcase building performance with community-wide dashboards to drive occupant awareness and action.

  • Increase stakeholder awareness about the success of energy efficiency programs and sustainability initiatives.

  • Embed real-time information directly into your homepage, sustainability portal, and digital signage.


  • Half hourly data
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Inter-site competitions
  • Clear visual display


  • Staff engagement
  • Public accountability


  • A half-hourly or AMR meter
  • Half-hourly data polled daily
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