Solar PV Software

SOLAR energyware that provides unmatched visibility
and reporting of PV portfolio performance.

Envisij understands solar systems are a big investment. The difference between financial gain and loss rests on the performance of the hardware: panels, inverters, wiring, etc. Even relatively small energy losses against optimum generation add up to a significant loss of revenue.

SOLAR allows you to see, evaluate, and manage performance in your solar projects. Without monitoring you’re flying blind.
It may take days, weeks, or months to detect major dips in system generation. Smaller problems can be worse: they may go unnoticed indefinitely, slowly pushing your ROI further away.

Solar PV management at it's best

Monitor PV projects

The Right Tools for Contractors and System Administrators

SOLAR provides a secure, private interface where your system administrators can view complete generation data for all your monitored PV projects in one convenient website. SOLAR has powerful tools for system management including customizable analytic graphing, automated performance alarms, and easy-to-generate system reports. You can set up email notifications that will be sent whenever system data falls outside your designated range of acceptable reporting values.

Remote PV Management

Remotely Manage Your Entire Project Portfolio

SOLAR makes it easy to remotely manage a full portfolio of PV projects via the cloud and your browser. The Dashboard page lets you see all your monitored systems at a glance. Systems that are operating smoothly appear in the “green” systems with triggered alarms appearing as red or amber, giving you an immediate one page view of your full portfolio health.

Solar Performace Alerts

Automated Alarms Detect Performance Issues and Notify You

Customized alarms from SOLAR are easy to work with. You can quickly configure essential system thresholds with your own designated recipients for automated email notifications. Email notifications are automatically sent to your designated administrators any time that data falls outside of your acceptable ranges.

Solar Statistics

Solar Statistics: All Your Systems at a Glance, on the Go!

SOLAR was designed to provide convenient access to essential systems performance information in a mobile device environment. You can access your Solar Log from any smartphone or tablet. You get KPI's for all your monitored systems together on one webpage.

FIT Reports and Compliance Reports

Generate Reports as a Spreadsheet or PDF

Our customers use the reporting feature for a wide variety of needs. You may need to generate FIT reports, or satisfy (or evaluate) a performance guarantee, or simply communicate system performance data to other members of your project team.

Energy generation and income awareness for your entire team

Energy Monitoring & Services Team

SOLAR is built for different people in your organization. And because usability is important, SOLAR is engaging, easy and fun to use — regardless of your level of technical sophistication.


CFOs and PV asset owners and operators can avoid vendor lock-in and deploy the most appropriate invertor and monitoring technologies. SOLAR gives your team a single view of PV performance and ROI progress.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers gain access to a macro view of KPI’s without struggling to aggregate data across a spread of geographically separate sites and technologies. Plan future investments in PV assets using historic data.

Sustainability teams

Sustainability teams can effectively track, visualize, and communicate key metrics: instantly access PV performance data, track waste and savings, and conduct public reporting, e.g. FIT reports, ESOS Reports.

Energy Service providers

Energy service providers (ESCO’s) are more effective at identifying the energy efficiency bottlenecks of your assets when they have access to upto date historical PV performance data. They can quickly and easily assess likely problems before even stepping foot on site.

Public reporting

Public reporting requirements such as FIT and ESOS can be met with ease through a variety of supported standard and easy-to-build reports. Alternatively you can use SERVICES to create a bespoke report in any format you require for your needs.

Maximizing The Value Of Installed Solar Assets

Dec 19, 2014 Forbes Magazine

Solar energy continues making huge strides. Recent numbers from the Solar Industry Energy Association indicate that a PV rooftop unit is being installed somewhere every 2 minutes somewhere in the world.

That’s impressive progress, and the curve will continue to accelerate upwards in the near future, as costs continue to come down and solar becomes increasingly more competitive with grid power. But once these units are installed, what then? Who tracks what is installed and where it’s located, what output is emanating from these various systems, and how they are performing?

Solar panels and systems are remarkably durable, but it’s not like one can just ‘set it and forget it.’ As with any technology, things can go wrong. Panels and inverters can fail, panels get dirty, dusty or covered with snow, and other issues can crop up as well. As millions more panels get installed, operations and maintenance (O&M) becomes increasingly important in the overall scheme of things.

That’s where PV optimization software companies enter the game. These companies create a cloud-platform to monitor the output of distributed P.V assets, with accompanying data analytics capabilities. The software aggregates and makes sense of enormous amounts of solar performance data. Its customers are solar installers, owners, and operators with systems in residential, commercial, and utility sectors.

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